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Terms of Rent
1. The vehicle is delivered to the RENTER in good condition. The RENTER is obliged to return the vehicle in the same good condition, verified in the Delivery-and-Return protocol, with all committed to him documents, at the time and location fixed in the agreement.
2. The vehicle is not departure border Bulgaria.
3. There are no limitations on the covered kilometers.
4. The rented vehicle is guaranteed to be covered with “Citizen’s responsibility” insurance, paid annual vignette, MOT and full auto Casco - which covers the responsibility of the renter in case of theft or damages, apart from the cases when:
 - There are damages, lacks (shortages ) or damages on, including types and wheel rims that are not due to fire or route accident
 - The damages are in consequence of a driving under the influence of the alcohol or other drugs or medications.
 - The damages and shortages are in consequence of an illegal usage of the vehicle, driving with an over speed, if there is no a protocol of Police in case of damages or route accident.
 - Keys and the car documents are left in the vehicle.
-Theft or damages of wipers , tires , radio , interior
-Loss of car documents , plate number or keys
1. The rental fee of the vehicle is based on the rental price of one-day use, determined by a tariff, inseparable part of the contract, according to the rental period. The fee is to be paid at the moment of car delivery, with the undersigning of Delivery-and-Return protocol.
2. With the contract signing the Renter is obliged to leave a deposit, according to the tariff. The deposit is released after returning of the vehicle. In case of vehicle returning with missing parts, damages or thefts and the Renter doesn't have the relevant documents from the police as well as when the car is without a fuel or with less fuel than stipulated in the DELIVERY-AND-RETURN protocol, the total value is deducted from the deposit.
3. The rate includes:
 - “Public Liability” insurance
 - "Autocasco" insurance
 - full 24 hours rent
 - replacement of the car in case of mechanical damage
 - unlimited mileage
1. The Lessor is obligated to deliver the vehicle to the Renter with all the needed by the law equipment
2. The Lessor has the obligation to change the vehicle if it causes troubles.
1. Minimum driver age and experience are required as follows: minimum 2 year driving experience
2. The Renter is obliged to use the vehicle appropriately and to take good care of it.
3. The Renter is obliged to look for the level of the oil, the water and the breaks fluid. The Renter is obliged to pay attention to the oil and water levels and the amount of break fluid.
4. In case of loss, damaged or theft of the registration license, registration number or car keys of the vehicle, the Renter is fined 100 Euro per each of the above mentioned.
5. In case of loss, damaged or theft of the registration license, registration number or car keys of the vehicle, the Renter is fined 100 Euro per each of the above mentioned.
1. The vehicle has to be taken (returned) back to the firm’s offices or at another place that has been stipulated in advance.
2. In case of not meeting the deadline of the car return by the Renter, he/she is obliged to inform the Lessor not later than the fixed time..
3. The Renter has the right of a gratis (free of charge) period of one hour before returning the vehicle back. After these two hours he/she is obliged to pay     5 EURO per every hour of delay.
4. In case of an expansion of the contract, the passed rent period is not recalculated, i.e. the Renter pays in accordance with the tariff specified in the contract.
5. Any Renting or returning of a vehicle, not in accordance with the opening hours, is paid in addition.
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